Google failed in the past… let’s move forward with +

So we all know Google has failed in the past with Wave and Buzz [if you count Buzz as a failure]. Now can we move on from saying those were failures and that Google+ might be as well?

I really like Google+ and it’s showing huge potential! My favorite remark so far has been by Arik Hanson:

He’s exactly right.

I use Gmail for hours every single day and I get Google+ notifications RIGHT into my Gmail, Google Docs, Google Reader and more. I use those sources every single day and it’s nice to have notifications right there.

I also really like the +1. It’s different and it’s integrated into most sites now so you can easily +1 posts and each others’ comments on the new social network. It’s very easy to navigate as well.

I think Google has really hit big with this one! Has its exclusivity added to the allure of the site? Yes. Will the excitement about Google+ last? I really hope so!

The “circles” idea where you add friends into different groups is pretty brilliant in my opinion. It allows for MUCH better privacy and control over what you share than Facebook. It’s also not as cluttered with all the CRAP Facebook has on their page like ads, games, etc.

I also really like the “Hangout” where you can live video chat with multiple people. It has several other pretty awesome functions as well. Adding photos and posts is very easy!

It’s an overall much better look with a new social network I’m extremely excited to see grow and flourish.


My profile:

Questions I have:

  1. When will the masses hit and will the servers be able to take everyone joining?
  2. Will we able to post to each others’ pages rather than just comment on posts?
  3. What else is coming?
Are you on Google+ yet and what are your thoughts?

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