Tag You’re It – Office Drama

You know when you were younger and you and your friends would run around and play tag and “tag each other” then the new “it” would run around and tag people?

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That’s exactly what office drama and gossip reminds me off. One person is “it” for the week and other people are running around trying to avoid them and telling others that person is “it.”

One person is usually the target of the week. Haven’t been the target yet? You probably will be, unfortunately, or you haven’t noticed you have been. It’s unfair and maybe even a little pessimistic to say so, but it’s the truth and it does happen.

The question:

How can you avoid being “it” or the week or avoid participating in office drama and gossip? Easy – don’t do it.

It’s honestly a better working environment when you can keep office drama and gossip OUT of the office. One thing you can do to help: keep your personal life out of your office life.

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Trust me, I know that’s easier said than done, but it really does help. Sometimes it might feel impossible to separate the two, especially when you have a huge problem with another co-worker, but just do your best.

It’s hard and it sucks, but eventually you DO make it through! Stick it out and better things will come, promise! This won’t last forever.


Tips I can give you from personal experiences:

  • Avoid the person/people. I know avoiding might not always be the solution, but if you can avoid the person and stay out of each others’ way, it will really help. Only contact them, cordially, when you absolutely have to so that way it remains a professional acquaintanceship.


  • Don’t make office alliances. It is the WORST when people are separated in the office due to alliances with either or all sides. You can do this by not talking about the gossip or the people who are causing it and how bad they are. It doesn’t help.


  • Listen more than you chose to talk. Listening to the gossip is still bad, but don’t act on it. Verify anything with the actual parties involved [which people unfortunately never do.]


  • Don’t spread the news. If there is office buzz going around, don’t help spread it. If you hear it, keep it to yourself, and don’t help the telephone chain.


  • Take the higher road. It is WAY easier said than done in this case. Got a problem? Take the higher road, don’t spread it, don’t make it worse.


  • Practice what you preach. Have I been involved in office drama? Yes. I learned my lesson & am doing way better now. It’s best to remember you don’t want others talking about you so practice what you preach.


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Most important tip:

NEVER put gossip in writing. Don’t email it, tweet it, Facebook it, etc. This WILL hurt you, people WILL see it and you WILL see consequences from it. Don’t do it. Ever. #ThinkBeforeYouClick.


Got any other tips? Feel free to share!


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4 thoughts on “Tag You’re It – Office Drama

  1. Gossip and alliances or cliques can be organizational cancer and potential career killers. Great advice on ways to negotiate through these type situations.

  2. Gossip and alliances or cliques can be organizational cancer and potential career killers. Great advice on ways to negotiate through these type situations.

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