#AppsILove – Reading List by Amazon for LinkedIn

If you’ve seen any of my past posts, you know I’m an advocate for LinkedIn and that I think it is one of the most underused tools out there.

Well today, I found yet another reason why I love LinkedIn and why I should continue to use it every day. I found the application Reading List by Amazon for your LinkedIn profile!

As I have started my own summer reading list, this is another great way to share with my connections what books I want to read and what books I am reading. I thought this was a great tool for finding books as well! Not only can you add books you are interested in, you can see your network updates and industry updates as to what others in your network & industry are reading!

Pretty cool huh? Also, this is how it will show up in your activity stream on your main profile page of your LinkedIn address:

And of course, I have to show you how it will look on your profile as an added application to your LinkedIn profile. You have to add the application to your LinkedIn first and then approve it for your page:

What do you think of this newer app for LinkedIn? What other apps do you use for LinkedIn?

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