Review of & Why I use it

Have you heard of GetGlue?

GetGlue is a leading social network for entertainment, with over 1 million users, 100 million data points and a 30 million daily reach through Facebook & Twitter. Users check-in and share what they are watching, listening to and reading with friends; get fresh recommendations and exclusive rewards from GetGlue partners. [via GetGlue’s about page]

What does that mean?

You can check-in to what TV show you are watching, what movie you are watching, what book you are reading and what band/artist you are listening to. You can also review shows, movies, artists, books and more as well!

Why would I want to do that?

It’s fun :] I really like to see what other people are watching and interested in. You know you do too! Plus, when people check-in to movies, books and shows, it reminds me that I need to catch up on a show or it might get me interested in a new book.

Plus you can earn stickers by checking-in!

When you check-in to shows, premieres, movies, etc., you get a sticker for checking-in! It’s similar to the Foursquare badges. It’s a gaming aspect! It draws people in and it’s fun to collect stickers. I’m trying to build up my collection more.

What would your profile look like?


How do you check-in?

Select what you are doing [such as watching a movie… watching sports… playing a game… etc.] from the “You are…” drop down menu as seen here: 



How do you know what others are watching or doing?

You can “follow” people on GetGlue. After you follow them, you can see what shows they are watching, books they are reading, stickers they are earning and more. It’s similar to Twitter in that what they are doing goes into a feed on your home page.

What if I don’t want others to know what I’m doing?

Don’t share it. You can chose not to share it to Facebook or Twitter. I share my check-ins to Twitter mostly because I check-in during premieres, new movies and new shows so I can see others’ opinions and what others think of the new show or movie. You can always opt out of sharing though. It’s your choice!

Can I check-in on my phone?

Yes! There are GetGlue apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and more! Find out more information about the apps for GetGlue here.

Still not sure? Check out their promo video for GetGlue:

Have more questions?

Feel free to ask me! I love GetGlue and have been using it for a while. Check out my profile on GetGlue here:

4 thoughts on “Review of & Why I use it

    1. Hi Hao!

      It is very similar to foursquare in the fact that you are checking-in, but you are just checking-in to a movie, show, artist, etc. It is fun! You should definitely join!


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