Why I use Prezi and SlideRocket for presentations!

It seems we always have a lot of projects and presentations to do… all the time. Now, how many of you are tired of seeing through PowerPoint after PowerPoint? They get pretty old very quickly.

That is why I use the *FREE* presentation creation sites Prezi.com and SlideRocket.com. I’m just not a fan of PowerPoint anymore. Would I still be willing to use PowerPoint? Of course, but I just prefer to only use Prezi and SlideRocket now. After you sign up for these sites, there are also tutorial videos before you start that take you through the process of creating the presentations.


Benefits of these two sites:

  • Create the presentations online so you can access them anywhere.
  • More professional and interesting look.
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Why I like Prezi the best:
  • Zoom in and out functions
  • @PreziSupport on Twitter really helps!
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Share link
  • Add editors
  • Create an entire presentation on one space/grid
  • Make your own path to go from “slide” to “slide”
  • Nothing else like it.
  • Very helpful guides through the website
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Why I like SlideRocket:
  • Somewhat similar to PowerPoint
  • Easy to make the transition to SlideRocket from PowerPoint
  • GREAT templates for presentations
  • Embed quotes, polls, Twitter feeds and more right into your presentation
  • Easy to upload content
  • Available online, publish online
  • BEST part – you can see analytics of your presentation!!
  • You can also import PowerPoints to this site
  • Import from YouTube, Flickr and more


Thinking about trying these two sites? I would recommend starting with SlideRocket if you want a smoother transition to creating an online presentation. I recommend Prezi more, but some people find it more difficult to transition into with the zooming in and zooming out functions.


Helpful videos on how to use Prezi: http://prezi.com/learn
Helpful video on how to use SlideRocket: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nija_9mLTPE


See my Prezi and SlideRocket presentations here – https://laurenkgray.com/portfolio/


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