Planning for a New Year & New Opportunities!

This is a more personal post with a more personal touch of my experience this year.

It’s that time of the year when college students are preparing for the next year of college with what they will be involved in, what classes to take, what jobs to apply for, etc.

When planning for a new year and choosing such things, take a look at your past year, take things into account that happened the past year and remember things you told yourself you wanted to do. If you took a class about something that you really liked, try to find out more about that activity, interest, etc. If you had a terrible time in a club or organization, don’t stress yourself out, find another one to join!

College is about trying and failing and seeking out new opportunities. I encourage all college students to take advantage of every opportunity they can in college because… life is never going to come at you like this again and the opportunities you see may be a one time thing.

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For myself next year, I’m looking forward to a more open schedule! This year/semester I worked five jobs total and while it’s been a great experience, I want to step back a little and actually enjoy college. I also am going to spend some time re-connecting with people, repairing friendships and repairing things with a few family members.

Next year, I’m leaving one of my favorite organizations and it’s going to be hard, but it’s the best decision for me. Like I said above, if you are in a situation that is constantly stressing you out, making you upset, etc. sometimes it’s best for you to remove yourself from the situation and focus on yourself for a while. Take care of yourself!

I explained this to one of my friends and they said, “Isn’t that just like you’re quitting the situation?” Well yes and no. I am quitting the situation because I don’t want to do it anymore and it’s not a good situation for me mentally or emotionally which then can affect me physically. It’s not quitting to me, it’s removing myself from a harmful situation.

I’m excited about next year and everything I will be able to do with a little more free time! Who knows, I might try to learn some more about history because I really love history and with my focus on PR, marketing, social media, etc. I haven’t really done a lot with history studies.

What does this have to do with you? Take advantage of opportunities around you! It’s cliché, but carpe diem!! Don’t just do things because they will look good on your resume or to a future employer, do them because you want to and because you want the experience. Take some chances and you may find someone or something you wouldn’t have before.

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