Job Hunting via Social Media – Building Your LinkedIn Profile

Intro to my series “Job Hunting via Social Media” here –


One of my recent posts focused on using LinkedIn to find a job [found here –], but if you are job searching via LinkedIn, or any site really, and you send them your LinkedIn profile, what should be on it?

First, make sure you fill our your information and have a title. Whether it’s “Public Relations Student” or “Social Fresh Intern,” make sure it says something under your name so potential employers know what you’re about from the beginning.

To edit all of this information, when you click “profile” then “edit profile” it will bring you to the editing page. Click the “edit” button beside your name to edit your title, location and industry. Click the “edit” button under the probably blank picture icon to add a picture and make sure it is a headshot so you can be recognized. When you edit all of this information, it should look generally like this:

That’s a good start!

Now you need to add some more information about you and what you’ve done. LinkedIn is essentially an online resume and a place where you can showcase what you have done. So brag a little, but do not over exaggerate anything [even on your real resume] because that kind of information can easily be found out.

Add your past experience and present experience. Unlike a tangible resume, you have a lot more room online. Feel free to add any and all past and present experience. Make sure that experience is professional, of course, but make sure you list everything. Your current jobs will coincide with your “title” under your name at the top.

Add descriptions and what you did at that job. Explain what you did, how you did it, etc. Don’t make it too long because most people will just be scanning, but add detail. It’s a balance! It’s also easier to read things if they are bulleted or broken up a little bit so it doesn’t look like a huge paragraph or anything.

After you have added your experience, next is the summary. This is more about you , your interests and what you’re looking for. It can be some repeat or even an expansion of work experience or other relevant experience, but I think this section really is more about your personality and what you’re looking for in a job.

Explain who you are, what you do within your industry, what you specialize in, what kind of job you would like, etc. Show a little personality here! Make sure everything is professional, but don’t be afraid to show personality. After you edit the summary, add your specialties to the specialties section which basically just means tell us what you’re good at and what you’ve been trained in.

After you fill in the summary and the specialties section, your LinkedIn is set up! Make sure everything is professional. You can also add your website feed, PowerPoint presentations and more under the applications section.


Now you have a LinkedIn! EXPLORE!! See what else you can do and see what other people have on their profile. Add your connections! Also, see my next post for how to use groups/discussions and give recommendations on LinkedIn!


Let me know if you found this useful!

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