Social Media Poisons and Antidotes

Paula Berg was the keynote speaker at the Social Fresh Tampa conference and these are notes from her presentation with a few of my thoughts added.


Poison 1 – Social Media Task Force.

Antidote – you need social media leaders like a czar, tyrant or dictator.

  • Means – Get someone in charge that wants to be in charge instead of a whole team who do more talking than doing.


Poison 2 – Social media strategies. Don’t account for unknown and brand-centric.

Antidote – organizational philosophy

  • Means – Instead of just having strategies and focusing on strategy, focus on your organization and your philosophies as well.


Poison 3 – Interns managing social media. Need institutional knowledge and klout.

Antidote – Seasoned employees.

  • Means – [in my opinion] Interns do not need to the be the ones managing the social media accounts, at first. Let them learn about the company and then help them with social media. A person does need to have history of the company and knowledge of the posting content first


Poison 4 – PR and Marketing. It should touch all parts of the company.

Antidote – Know what are your customers saying and what do they really want.

  • Means – It’s not about just a few people, a lot of people should be involved.



Poison 5 – Numbers.

Antidote – Dazzle. Don’t make it boring, what are you trying to prove, what should we do differently?

  • Means – Don’t have a bunch of statistics, charts, portfolio numbers, etc. Show shocking stats and stuff you would actually be interested in looking at too.


Poison 6 – Twitter and Facebook. So huge and so dominant.

Antidote – Thing bigger. Blog, SEO, social media home base, lead generation, analytics.

  • Means – If your Twitter and Facebook pages disappeared tomorrow, what would you have left and what would you do?


Poison 7 – Employees.

Antidote – Unleash the power of your employees, don’t keep them boxed up.

  • Means – Believe in the people you have and let them do what they are supposed to. Keep them involved and working!


Poison 8 – Lawyers

Antidote – balance risk and rewards and build relationships with your legal team.


Poison 9 – Contests.

Antidote – Become a social business [like Starbucks, Coke, Dell] What value can you offer beyond fun and games?

  • Contests are pretty short term and people can get tired of contests. Think of other things to do that can be more long term and beyond just a contest.


Poison 10 – Malcom Gladwell. Online relationships are weak.

Antidote – YOU. Bring it and be ready to fight. Be confident!

  • Means – Online relationships can be STRONG, you just have to build them. Be you and be confident in what you can do!

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