Job Hunting via Social Media – #JobHuntChat hashtag

As mentioned in my intro post,, to this series “Job Hunting via Social Media,” I will be focusing on how to use different social media sites and Twitter hashtags to help out with your job search. This first post for the series will focus on the Twitter hashtag #JobHuntChat,

founded by @CornOnTheJob, Rich DeMatteo, and @Blogging4Jobs, Jessica Merrell. You can follow @jobhuntchat as well.

Using a hashtag like #JobHuntChat is helpful to people looking for jobs because if people find a job they want to share or if someone is looking to hire, they often use hashtags like #JobHuntChat to share the job opening. What better way to really look for jobs than to just look on Twitter and not have to do hours of other searching [not that this should be a complete replacement for job hunting]?



I asked Rich DeMatteo a few questions about #JobHuntChat and job hunting via social media and here’s what he had to say:

  • Why do you use social media for job hunting? Why is it important?

As social media usage increased rapidly over the last few years, Corporate and Agency Recruiters weren’t far behind.  Over 80% of company Recruiters use Linkedin to find talent before going anywhere else.  In most cases, LinkedIn has served as the Social Media Gateway Drug for Recruiting and HR professionals, leading them to Twitter, FB, and other social recruiting tools and websites.

So, why should people use Social Media for job hunting?  Job Seekers need to KNOW where their companies of choice are hanging out and hiring, and these days most companies can be found on Social Media.  The smart job seeker will use the same tools the company is using and will make it easy to be found.

  • Why did you start #jobhuntchat?
Before #JobHuntChat, there were zero twitter chats that discuss the job search.  While there are many career & job search blogs on the interwebs, I couldn’t find ONE place where job seekers and careerists could find free and interactive job search advice.    #JobHuntChat’s 1 year anniversary show will be on Monday 2/21/11.

We have HUGE surprises in store…

  • What kinds of jobs to people post to #jobhuntchat?

Most of the jobs we’ve seen are for folks with 0-5 years experience in all areas.  Positions have been posted for Sales, Marketing, PR, Social Media, and really any position that you can find in a corporate environment.  We’ve also seen virtual, flexible, part-time, and internship positions posted in the #JobHuntChat stream.

  • What other websites, besides Twitter, could you use for social media job hunting?
LinkedIn is the greatest career tool in social media.  No doubt about it.  Every social media tool can be used as a job search method, you just need to be smart about it.

As you can see, #JobHuntChat is a valable resource for job hunting via social media and learning more about about advice for job hunting as well. Rich also brought up an excellent point about how LinkedIn is a great resource for job hunting as well. One of my later posts, after posts focusing on job searching via hashtags, will focus on job hunting on LinkedIn.


#JobHuntChat is a chat geared towards giving free advice.  We have plenty of companies posting jobs, but we offer the best free advice on the internet from the most career professionals.  Here are some testimonials:
“Because of your chat, I received some very helpful advice that helped me this year in my job search. Now I work for a great boss and a great company.” – Lisa Newkirk


“Through #JobHuntChat, I was able to utilize the power of the chat and actually obtain an internship! Three months later, it’s going strong and I have been able to build up my own network and influence. This has given me the opportunity to work with non-profits and recruiters in hope to find a long-term job in Social Media and Marketing.  I was also named the new co-moderator of a generational chat, #genychat.” – Blake McCammon, @rblake


“Finding #JobHuntChat catapulted me into the world of online networking.  As a college senior, I’d barely built up a network, and had zero connections in the industries I was interested in.  #Jobhuntchat — along with its amazing moderators and participants– taught me that it was imperative for me to put myself out there, both in person and online. Connections I’ve made with people online and at networking events have led to great relationships and multiple job offers!” – Lindsay Goldner, @linzlovesyou


If you want to participate in #JobHuntChat, the chat is on Mondays from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. EST and you can visit their website here:

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