The year of YouTube?


2010 was a HUGE year for YouTube. YouTube set new records with number of videos uploaded and watched and they added new features including the “like” and “dislike” buttons and different playlist options.

The most notable YouTube campaign I know of was the Old Spice campaign. Their campaign was called one of the most successful and memorable campaigns of 2010 and they did an excellent job with video.

I believe this year will be an even bigger year for YouTube. People are turning more to videos for entertainment and information. When you look for information about something, where do you go? The internet! A lot of companies and brands have a YouTube page, but they aren’t marketing those pages yet. The pages they are marketing are their Twitter and Facebook. If you watch commercials on TV, some companies don’t even put their website on the commercial, just their Twitter and Facebook.

This year, I think companies will look to start adding more YouTube videos and marketing their YouTube channels. I’ve watched countless of “how-to” videos and informational videos that brands can really start to use to reach more customers and show their customers more things they can do or learn about with their products.


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What do YOU think 2011 holds for YouTube? Do you use it in campaign marketing?


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Also, see my “connect with me page” for my YouTube and other social media links.

4 thoughts on “The year of YouTube?

    1. Hey Noel!

      I haven’t personally made a YouTube video, but I have been wanting to do a video log [vlog] post for a WHILE, I just haven’t gotten around to it. It’s something I definitely want to to SOON though.


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