Verify, then report (via Dispatches from the Castle)

I agree completely with this post by @aurorameyer. When I saw via several tweets yesterday saying Morgan Freeman was dead, I freaked out! THEN I saw that CNN retracted their statement and I had no clue what was going on.

All journalists and PR people absolutely need to verify THEN report. CNN was right to do damage control, but not right to lie about it because their website says they didn’t even post the tweet, which they did.

Honesty and verification could have gone a long way here.

Verify, then report The whole Morgan Freeman’s reported demise blew up yesterday. To be clear, he is not dead or dying. Twitter can be much like a game of telephone, which is why it is extremely important that the initial tweet that sets off a chain reaction must be verified BEFORE it’s sent. While CNN is not the perpetrator of the initial incorrect (and subs … Read More

via Dispatches from the Castle

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