Careers, Job Growth and Skills Needed!

This week, U.S. News and Careers posted their 50 Best Careers of 2011 on their website listing top careers [thankfully PR was on there!]

Today on #careerchat, we talked to @USNewsCareers today about what made the list and why, what got cut and what got added to the list.

Favorite quote by @DavidGaspin: I guess if they changed too much year to year they’d be great jobs, not careers.

New to 50 Best Careers list:

  • Athletic trainer – Outranks nearly all other healthcare occupations for expected job growth.
  • Interpreter/Translator – High demand because of global economy.
  • Sales manager – This job is recovering along with the economy.
  • Massage therapist
  • Computer support specialist
  • Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration technician
  • Education administrator – For example, a high school principal. Ranks high for job satisfaction.


Careers cut from list:

  • loan officer
  • funeral director
  • cost estimator
  • plumber
  • landscape architect
  • security system installer
  • market research analyst


Skills you need:

  • many hiring managers said “people skills” are super important
  • communication skills
  • being business savvy was also cited as helpful.
  • web development
  • leadership
  • honesty
  • positive and forward thinking attitude
  • Strong speaking skills + strong work ethic most sought in #jobseekers by employers per NACE study (via @Careerbright)
  • Flexibility/Adaptability (via @SelenaDehne)
  • conflict resolution (via @KCDEE5)
  • professionalism, attire (via @bizMebizgal)


Job Growth:

  • the average expected growth for all jobs is about 10 %
  • Labor Dept. also expects huge growth for network architects +52 %
  • Biomedical engineer is at top for percent growth, 72%.
  • Healthcare jobs Dental hygienist = 36%, physician assistant = +39%.
  • Athletic Trainer, high expected growth, +37%
  • Leisure & Hospitality (+12%)
  • Professional & Business Services (+11%)
  • Information (+10%)
  • Heating, AC & refrigeration technician + 28%.

4 thoughts on “Careers, Job Growth and Skills Needed!

  1. GREAT summary of today’s #careerchat! Thanks so much for putting this together. It’s perfect for those of us who came late, and also for anyone who wants a recap!

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