Just a part of the team

What’s one of the worst feelings to feel? Jealousy and envy. It’s one of the deadliest sins!

Why do we feel jealous of others? Well it varies, but it’s usually because someone else has something or has done something that we want or want to do.

Jealousy and envy are not a part of being a good team player, but they are always a part of a team. Everyone has feelings of jealousy and envy on any team; the thing to do is not to act on them. Feel jealous? Work harder to achieve what you want!

It’s never easy to just be a part of a team, sometimes it can be REALLY hard, but you have to work harder to be a part of the team you want to succeed.

How to be a good team player:

  • Be supportive
  • Do the extra time
  • Really think outside of the box
  • Honesty is key
  • Recognize talent, skills and help
  • Learn to be a leader and a follower
  • Encourage without stopping

Support = physical or emotional. If a team member is having a hard day, help them out and support them! Support them by letting them know you are there! IF a team member is taking a chance, support them by supporting their ideas. Everyone knows how it feels to be shot down and have no one believe in them, don’t do that to someone else.

Do the extra mile = doing more work. I know we all hate to do more work, but you never know how that extra work will help you, your company or someone else. Someone is watching and noticing you are working hard!

Thinking outside the box = really thinking differently. Don’t just think of something someone else is going to think of. Try a brainstorming session, you never know what kinds of ideas will come up. Here’s where support comes in too. Just because someone has a crazy idea doesn’t mean it won’t work.

Honesty = never an easy job. When someone is not doing a good job, you need to tell them so they will not continue what they are doing. You have to be honest and let them know. Give the examples of how to improve though and support them in their changes to do better.

Recognition = acknowledgement. Always recognize someone for the work they are doing, even if it’s the smallest thing. Everyone loves to be appreciated and needs to be appreciated. You will be surprised at how long a little recognition will go. Pass it on!

Be a follower and a leader = stepping back and stepping up. It’s good to be the leader sometimes, every team needs a leader, but you do not always have to be the leader. It’s also good to let someone else step up and let them show their leadership skills too. This is one thing I am definitely trying to work on. Stepping back and listening sometimes helps the team more than you will ever know.

Encouragement = believing. Encourage your team to do their best. Believe in YOUR team! If you don’t believe in them, why should anyone else? Support and recognition come into play here too. Support what your team does and recognize team members when they do a good job!

Be a good team player and put these attributes into effect and see how much a difference it will make!

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