Things LEARNED during my Internship!

– How to deal with negative comments. Don’t respond, a response and attention is what someone wants.

-How to use a video camera, flip camera, and other types of cameras to go around the campus, take pictures, and shoot videos of events on campus and of general pretty campus sites.

-How to work with a team to promote, advertise, and market events in a lot of different towns around the area

-How to appropriately handle a breakfast and presentation with the WCU Board of Trustees

-How to effectively and timely post content on social media sites, like the WCU Facebook and Twitter.

-How to set-up a computer! I know that sounds pretty easy, but taking apart a computer and transferring it from room to room is pretty hard. Connecting all the wires and such is difficult too, but I know how to do it now.

-How to write a blog story. Get the information out there about the latest topic like “Earth Month.”

-How to write reviews of events that we marketed and advertised. Take a neutral side, but still have your opinion and general information about the event.

-How to have fun at an event that you are writing for and still be professional.

-How to write social media guidelines.

-How to do research on other social media sites and their guidelines.

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