Internship – April 5

9 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.


Today I posted statuses on the Facebook and Twitter like “welcome back students” and “what did you do for spring break?” I also posted upcoming events for tomorrow like a ceramic show opening.

This weekend is also “Stay at Western Weekend” so I posted a Facebook note about all the events this weekend.

Since this month is Earth Month, Laura wants to do some earth/nature themed stories, statuses, and questions. We are currently looking into the Campus Kitchen Garden on campus and the Yellow Bike Project on campus.

The Campus Kitchen Garden is sponsored by the Center for Service Learning. The garden is behind/beside the baseball field and features several plants and vegetables.

The Yellow Bike Project is a project on campus which features yellow bikes all across campus. The idea is you get a bike then you leave a bike, so if you are going across campus and see a yellow bike, you take that one and then leave it wherever you end up.

I also went to the dining halls on campus and put up little table tents about the Jazz Festival this weekend April 9-10. I put up about 300 table tents in both dining facilities.

We also moved a computer down from an office upstairs, so I had to put a computer together. It was a lot easier than it looked to be hooking up all these wires and cables!

It feels good to be back because it is WARM!

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