Board of Trustees Breakfast & New Office Space! -Internship

7:45 AM until 12:30 PM

Today has been SUCH an interesting and fun day!

We started off at 7:45 this morning with a breakfast with the WCU Board of Trustees! It was so insightful to meet with them, see what they were like, and what they were into. We talked about Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Duke, UNC, and so much more! They really are just like us and very nice!

During the breakfast, we went over the new WCU website look and the WCU social media. I took them through what a normal college student does everyday on Facebook and Twitter [pictures, events, wall posts, tweets, etc.] and then Laura showed them how our daily ritual really fits into what WCU is doing with Social Media because what we post through the WCU Facebook and Twitter goes right into everyone’s feed! It was a REALLY good breakfast!

Also today, there has been a few office switch-a-rounds so we got a brand new desk in our office and Laura, the boss, moved to the room right next to ours, so all the other employees and myself have our own room now and Laura has her own space with windows! I decorated the office today with posters from past events at WCU, like the Hinder concert, Fabolous concert, a Carnival, a Celebration Campaign, and so much more! It has really been fun!

I have also been promoting events this weekend at WCU on our Facebook and Twitter.

In the new office space!

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