9:45 until 12:15 and 3 -4:30

Today has been a pretty long day! Not a whole lot to do, but a lot of new information!

For starters, I know I blogged about the presentation with Laura. Well, my part will be showing my personal Facebook and Twitter and what I do on them to the Board of Trustees here at WCU. They are the HIGHEST up people… pretty interesting! I am not really nervous, because I am teaching them about one of my passions, Social Media, which they do not know a whole lot about. It will be a very informative presentation.

I will be going over how I keep in contact with family, friends, organizations, and more through photos, events, status updates, comments, etc. on Facebook plus the fan pages which automatically feed in your news feed. On Twitter, I will be going over how I asked for help about purchasing a new phone and got a LOT of responses from people I don’t even know because they searched for the phone I was looking at and responded to my question! Plus, how on Twitter you can follow people and breaking news [ex. @cnnbrk]

Also today, we went over the Rose Parade again. The deadline for trip packages has been moved to June 1st and the trip packages were split up. So we tweeted and facebooked about that.

Also facebooked and tweeted events of the day, comments about the weather, and responses to other comments.

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