12:30 PM until 3:45 PM today

Today has been such a busy day at the office!

When I first came in, we talked about the blog we posted for the campus dining areas. We had a few spelling and grammar mistakes… my boss Laura got an email about it so she fixed it. Next time, we must send it directly to her to be looked over before publishing. They were just a few errors, like misspelling CourtYard dining, but now we know!

Also, Laura invited me to present with her on WCU’s social media, how it’s doing, and it’s impact! We will be presenting to the HIGHEST up people, basically the people who hired the Chancellor! I am very excited, as social media is a passion of mine and I know SO much about it! I will keep you posted on how this goes.

As for Facebook, we also discussed a comment that I replied to about a mistake on an email sent out. I replied that we did not know who sent it, because I didn’t, but Laura deleted it and said “we are sorry for this mistake…” It is better to own up to it than to look like we don’t know who is doing what and such. Great lesson learned!

We also created ALL the events for March on the Facebook. This took QUITE a while as you have to create it, add details, add pictures, etc. But, it got done!

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