Real World PR Conference- Social Media

This is about Session 1.

This past weekend, some of the PRSSA members and I went to the Real World PR Conference in Atlanta, GA hosted by the PRSA of Georgia. It was an awesome experience!

My favorite session was the social media session. It was there I met Leslie Young who introduced me to PR Starbase and she has been an essential part of me becoming more involved with blogging, twitter, linkedin, and PR Starbase.

Here are my notes from the social media session:

-social media helps with achieving business objectives

-you should ask questions, it gets people involved!

-you can form relations with other bloggers

-social media can increase sales with promotions

-Ashley Payne, head of communications for the Georgia Aquarium, said to keep your Facebook and Twitter private

-if you are applying for a job with a company, corporation, etc.: look at what the companies you are interested in are doing with social media

-you can put offers, deals, events, incentives on social media sites

-use your about me for your achievements

-apply tools to your job & branding

-look at business objectives and match them to the social media site

-match the conversation, see what people are talking about & respond

-march your audience to the brand to the objectives. you have to go where they are at

-hash tag [#] things you are talking about. ex) #RW2010 #myjobrules

-social media applies to all businesses and you should be looking ahead to see what’s next in social media

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