Real World PR Conference- How to Seal the Deal

Session 2 – Seal the Deal: What You Need to Know to Land the Job

Presenters: Sharon Jones, Ketchum and Tia Jackson, Porter Novelli

Part One: Sharon Jones: BEFORE you get the job

1. Network, collect business cards. Get on LinkedIn! [i am and you can find me at:

2. Research the company you apply for! Go beyond the website and see what they are doing and what is there for you

3. Follow up, but do not be annoying. Be persistent, but not annoying. Ask your interviewer when you can follow up.

4. Resume.

  • It should be PERFECT.
  • No typos, misspellings, etc.
  • You have 15 seconds to engage the person reading it.
  • Have a consistent font that is easy to read.
  • Use key word phrases.
  • Match what you can do to the job description
  • Keep it at one page. ONE PAGE.
  • Make your resume relevant
  • Put a sentence about the company

5. Cover Letter

  • Most companies will read it last, after the resume
  • Carve your objectives to the company objectives
  • Like the resume, match what you can do to the job description

6. Interviews

  • Know your elevator speech = a 2 min. spill about yourself. Who you are, University, Year, Studying, positions.
  • Center yourself
  • Don’t arrive before 15 min. early
  • Pump up yourself!
  • Learn to shake hands.
  • Stand up when you are shaking the interviewers hand, even if they are sitting
  • While you are waiting to be interviewed, you are interviewing with EVERYONE, so remember to be nice to every single person.
  • LISTEN to what the interviewer is saying and answer questions appropriately
  • Maintain a comfortable eye contact
  • Carry yourself well, maintain professionalism,
  • Come with thoughtful questions. Coordinate these to what is important to you.
  • Be authentic
  • Send a personal thank you note after the interview, PERSONALIZE EACH ONE if you are interviewed by more than one person
  • Ask when the decision will be made
  • IF you get the offer, be timely in your answer = 2 days response
  • Entry level salaries NOT negotiable

Tia Jackson: When you get the job

-Meet the expectations and go the extra mile, go BEYOND the expectations

-Get to know the business

  • position yourself as a valuable resource
  • talk to everyone in the company


  • make a connection!

-Connect within the first 90 days if/when you get the job

-Meet with the manager and team

  • set goals for your career
  • ask what the expectations are for this job

-Be actively engaged

  • do the research!

-Volunteer for opportunities, but do not take on too much

-In your first two years, you need to make ALL the deadlines

  • it is important so you will be taken seriously
  • make yourself noticeable that you make the deadlines
  • if you have too much on your plate, make sure you tell the boss you might need some help or an extension
  • if you miss a deadline your client might think they are not important to you

-Take charge of your own career

-Set goals for yourself, BRANCH OUT

-Experience > than anything

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