10 AM to 1 PM today

The Saul Williams event was last night, I attended and wrote a review for us:!/note.php?note_id=325737791960

Laura also said that we need to limit our twitter down to 10 topics a day. Not necessarily 10 posts, but 10 topics.  So I proposed the topics of sports, news, student achievements, responses, and event of the day.

Those topics could include a lot of posts. We need to spread our tweets out more so they are not all at one time.

The first tweets this morning:

WCU Baseball begins thsi Fri. Feb. 19th, 4:00 pm. For every Fri. game this season the first 50 students will receive a FREE Hot Dog!

Great job to the WCU Women’s Basketball Team as they defeated UNCG 57-42 yesterday!

We also discussed the foreign film tonight, Beauty and the Beast from 1946. We tweeted out:

Want to go French tonight? Come watch Beauty and the Beast, a 1946 French film in the UC Theatre. Tickets only$1!

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