Came in at 8:30 today to cover some for missing Wed.  [4.5 hours total today]

-Filled out time sheet & internship hours sheet

-Got a call that the Red Skelton Tribute had been canceled so put on twitter & facebook:

Sunday, Feb. 14th: Red Skelton Tribute CANCELLED!

-Updated the twitter and facebook

-twitter: thanked new people for following WCU

-facebook: answered a few questions

-signed up to cover events [basketball games mostly]

WCU Marching Band to the Rose Parade Plan:

Laura has asked me to be a part of the group to promote the WCU Marching band going to the Rose Parade in 2011. It is going to cost about 500,000 for all of the band + the instruments to go.

So we have come up with a little plan, and we also meet next friday as a group, to futher discuss how we can help people purchase travel packages online to get them there.

part of the plan:



-Travel Packages

-Tweet out at least every other day

-Mention PotMBand

-Send links back to the WCU page:


-Create event

-WCU Rose Parade Group?

-Rose Parade Official Fan Page:!/roseparade?v=wall&ref=search

-Post links back to the WCU page:

-Ask questions

Also, LOTS of twittering this morning. Tons of retweets from followers mentioning the Rose Parade and retweets of a thought of the day from a professor here in 1990:

Thought for the Day: “If you torture the data long enough, it will eventually confess.”- Duncan Tye, PhD., Econ Prof., WCU 1990

We also wanted to get to 500 followers today so we put on facebook:

Be our 500th follower on Twitter!

and about 30 sec. later we put: @AlexBZ711: Congrats on being our 500th follower!!

He said: “I win!” on facebook after he found out he was the 500th follower!

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