Internship Day 8

10 AM – 1 PM
Today we were focused on getting events updated, especially about this weekend with the snow and ice coming in. We facebooked and tweeted about the added events, especially for the snow and ice.

We also updated our FB and Twitter about the WCU vs. APP game on Saturday, which was moved from 7 PM to 3 PM.

It is so important to stay on top of new events and new news in general. You have to keep your publics informed, especially of new happenings because your publics needed to be updated.

We also facebooked our congrats to the WCU Men’s Basketball Team:

Great job WCU Men’s Basketball Team on the win tonight 83-68 over Georgia Southern!

We had feedback on a comment asking for the link to the WCU Live Web Cam, so we added that link to our Facebook page under our extended info tab.

Feedback is so important because if you do not listen to it, your company, organization, etc. could go under because they are not listening to what the public wants.

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