Day 7 Internship [yesterday]

I realized I forgot to blog yesterday, sorry everyone!

Yesterday there was a delay for university staff to come it at 10 and my boss did not get there until about 10:30 so I just updated the Facebook, Twitter, checked the email for our department, and some other stuff.

Laura and I discussed putting the smoking ban forum up on Facebook and Twitter, but until it further develops or smoking is actually banned, we decided not to put it up on the website yet so it did not look like we were taking one side or the other.

We are also going to go over tomorrow the university guidelines for Twitter and Facebook I created.

For PRSSA and for this internship, we will soon begin working on the Live25 Calendar updates to have one university calendar of events.

We also published some sporting events coming up, like:

Come support our women’s basketball team for our PINK ZONE breast cancer awareness game! This will be a Greek night along with the “think pink” theme.Womens Basketball Vs. Samford 2 PM February 20th, Ramsey Center.

and we also put up events for the rest of the basketball games, women and men, for the month of february.

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