Day 6 Internship

Today Laura has asked me to create a document with Things to Put on Twitter and Facebook.

Things for our department at WCU PR Event Marketing to put on the social media sites to fully utilize them. Here is my list so far:

  • Tweet about great things you read online. To establish yourself as a credible source of information, tweet about articles and blog posts related to public relations.
  • Network with your peers. Many WCU students, staff, faculty, and potentials are on Twitter. Engage in a conversation with them and expand your network.
  • Post links to your published work, published work about WCU, and news about WCU. Invite the followers to check out what is going on at WCU.
  • Post links to events created on Facebook and their link on the WCU Event Calendar on the main WCU website.
  • Be a resource. People often ask questions via Twitter. Try to answer questions on topics you know well. It is also good to ask questions to get responses [poll, survey, etc].
  • Be of general interest to prospective students, current students, faculty & staff, and alumni … in that order of priority. Provide information.
  • Enhance the WCU image.
  • Respond to direct messages, comments, etc. appropriately and timely.
  • Tweet out about WCU successes [basketball wins, grants, etc.]
  • Link to student reviews of events

While I had the original list above, Laura explained to me that we needed a guide for the official FB and Twitter and a guideline for professionals at WCU, especially since they represent WCU. So we split the list into different documents and added more too.

We also researched other school’s policies/guidelines with Twitter and Facebook, like Delon University. They had a lot of insightful information on their website. Eventually the guidelines I am createing for Twitter and Facebook will be put on the WCU website.

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