Day 3 Internship

Today I worked with a department in the administration building, where I work, that I have not worked with before. I worked with the WCU Photo Department under Mark Hasket.

We picked out a photo from the WCU basketball game last night [they beat UNCG 79 to 69]. Chancellor Bardo was in the student section cheering with the students, something not normally seen!

The photo and caption were then sent to me to post on Facebook and Twitter. It will also be posted on the WCU Flickr account later.

Here are the Twitter updates:

Chancellor John Bardo helps energize the student cheering section in WCU’s victory over UNCG.

WCU Basketball in the Asheville Citizen Times Great job WCU Men’s Basketball Team in the win over UNCG!

Here is the story from the Asheville Citizen Times:

After working with the photo department, I updated the Facebook with the photo & caption.

I also looked at our poll results again.  I have concluded that students & alumni think Facebook, Twitter, and campus fliers are the best ways to communicate campus events, causes, etc.

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