Day 2 Internship

10 AM – 1 PM

Today when I came in our focus is Twitter. Laura and I discussed the importance of twitter & the importance of monitoring what people are saying about WCU, answering questions, following other schools, and building connections.

We then added an application “TweetDeck” so we could monitor the WCU twitter, WCU direct messages, and mentions of WCU. Our goal is to answer questions, respond to direct messages, retweet positive things about WCU, and promote WCU.

For example, we had not really been monitoring WCU mentions [when someone says @WCU], so we saw “@WCU Western Carolina University has a great sales education program:, looking forward to your tweets!” and this was a great mention and a great thing for us to retweet to our followers.

I also asked the question:

“What’s the BEST WAY to let you know about our exciting campus events? Email, MyCat, Facebook,flyers, posters, banners, Western Carolinian ads, 90.5, WCAT, TV62? Let us know what you think!”

on our Twitter & Facebook page, and I got immediate responses. People seem to like emails more than anything.

We are also working on promoting the event “Wesley – The Movie” on Feb. 27th from 7-9 PM in the FPAC Theatre.

Target audience: locals, WCU, students, Methodists, Churches

Goal: get people to buy tickets

Message: life of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Movement

Promotional activities: Press Releases, Radio, 200 Posters, Handbills for student mailboxes, put on community calendars, tv22 slide, mycat announcement, put on university calendar, send out emails, put on facebook & twitter, and add it to our blog.

More Twitter, in response to the question we asked, this was one of the responses: @WCU most deff Facebook… let alone… ALMOST everyone on campus has facebook!

I replied with @NACHOtubaKNIGHT thank you for your response! Facebook is definitely one of the best ways in our opinion!

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