Time for Digital Spring Cleaning!

Spring is finally here! The weather is finally warmer. As you start to clean up around the house and store away your winter items, take time to focus on your digital spring cleaning too.

To-Do List:

1. Clean up Twitter: what fresh value will you add this spring?

  • Organize followers into lists and update existing lists (this helps when you are following a lot of people and when you want to engage with certain people)
  • Unfollow people who are not adding value to your feed (manageflitter.com is a great tool)
  • Follow new people in areas you’ve found interesting lately or wanted to learn more about
  • Take a look at updating your bio AND your photo

Clean for Spring

2. Clearing up Facebook: who do you really know anymore?

  • Delete “friends” you don’t even know, don’t talk to, haven’t communicated with in over a year… etc.
  • Re-examine brands and pages you “like” on Facebook. Do you actually like them? Time to UNlike.
  • Clear out your inbox, delete old messages
  • Update your about section and check your privacy settings to see what you are sharing
  • Combine similar boards (all clothes into one, accessories and shoes into one, all cooking-related into one)

3. Reorganizing Pinterest: how can your boards be better arranged?

  • Delete boards you don’t actually pin to
  • Follow new people
  • Visit your “Explore Interests” section for pins tailored to you

4. Tackle your inbox: go through your inbox and ask yourself “what do I really need?”

  • Empty your trash and spam
  • Unsubscribe to things you delete every single day anyways
  • Go back and delete emails with large files, this will help your inbox run faster and you won’t use up so much of your allotted GB
  • Organize your inbox into different folders and delete old folders you don’t use
  • Seriously though, take the time to go back through and delete a ton of emails

5. Revisit Google+: how can you use your profile?

  • Remember it’s tied to your Gmail anyways
  • How can you leverage Google+ to up SEO to your blog, Twitter or other site?
  • Update your info on Google+, add a new photo, change your cover

6. Examine your website: what new direction can you take your blog?

  • Examine your blog followers and what topics you have blogged about
  • Ask what else can you talk about or what new direction do you want to take your blog
  • Make plans to blog more
  • Update your blog/website info and add some new content

7. Clean your hardware: how can you safely clean your products?

  • Your laptop is filthy. Time to get some electronic-friendly wipes!
  • Clean up your laptop, desktop, iPad and iPhone.
  • Get new screen protectors
  • Buy yourself a new case

8. Clear your software: what digital items do you really need stored?

  • Look through your folders and start deleting items you don’t need anymore
  • Clear out your downloads file
  • Download a software to help you clear out cached items
  • Delete your browsing history and cookies



Tech + Digital News: 10 Things to Know This Week


Things to know:

1. Louis Vuitton app replaces QR codes with scannable images – I like this much better than QR codes. Why were those ever a thing?

2. Video accounts for 53% of all Internet traffic with Netflix representing almost 32% of that.

3. Pinterest teamed with Getty Images to give you the data behind photos you’re pinning (title, name of photo, photographer’s name, etc.)

4. Facebook introduced new Like and Share buttons

5. Twitter is testing push notifications for breaking news.

6. SecretLink hopes to be the SnapChat of email and text. Messages are deleted and removed, leaving no trace, after they are viewed.

7. Twitter launched new ‘custom timelines’ = their own Storify. Here’s a post comparing the two.

8. MIT revealed they can bring digital content on a screen to a 3D reality with project iNFORM — REALLY cool tech this week!

9. Researchers have engineered a new bio patch that has the potential to regrow damaged and, sometimes, missing bones in your body!

10. The world’s first implantable near field communication (NFC) device is here. If it was implanted in you, it could unlock your phone, car, computer and do many more things. FUTURE IS HERE.


Pinterest launched its first API! This will be BIG for brands and retailers!