Writing and Presentations

PRSSA Works:

As a national vice president, the National President and now as the Immediate Past President, I have contributed to PRSSA in the form of blog posts, strategic plans, FORUM articles and recruitment materials.

Star Chapter Release and Award Recipients Release

Digital Communication Strategy

PRSSA fact sheet and PRSSA recruitment presentation

FORUM, the PRSSA Newspaper

FORUM Spring 2013: President’s Column (page 7)

FORUM Winter 2013: President’s Column (page 1 and 4)

FORUM Fall 2012: President’s Column (page 1 and 2)

FORUM Spring 2012: Optimizing Your Job Search (page 2)

Progressions Blog Posts:

Lessons from a “New” New Professional

Gaining Connects and Jobs Through LinkedIn

National Assembly Preparation

7 Things No One Told You About Interning

6 Ways to Participate in National Initiatives

Hidden Gems of PRSSA Membership

Infographic Copy and Design:

PRSSA Dr. Seuss Infographic

FORUM and Progressions Infographic 

Article/Blog example:

USA Today College article


WCU Athletic Department Crisis Communication Plan:

WCU Athletic Department CCP -  Group Work


Published News Stories:

PRSSA National WCU Chapter news story

Top Story, Front Page: Budget Cuts story and “Change of the Times: 2010 Elections” story

UNC System Enrollment Cap story

“Campus Conversations” story and Roommate Crises story

Dillsboro on Display story and Social Media Class news story

Follow Up: Dillsboro on Display Event

Political Piece (excerpt) and Catamount voices: Thoughts on the 2010 elections

Madgrigal Dinners

Jackson County Schools Budget Crisis and Tax Credit for Private Schools

WCU Chancellor Bardo story


My presentations:

2013 Social + Mobile Statistics

The Multi-Screen Integrated Customer Experience

10 Things to Include in an Online Portfolio


Search engine marketing and marketing yourself

Brand image and product positioning

Job hunting via social media

*Please ask before showing any of these presentations in a public setting.

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