Twitter Chat with #JamaicaBobsled Team!

Full disclosure: this is for my client the Jamaica Tourist Board.

With all the excitement around the winter games, the Jamaica Tourist Board at @VisitJamaicaNow is hosting a Twitter Chat on Thursday, February 13 at 3 p.m. ET with the Jamaica Bobsled Team!

They’re teaming with Chris Stokes (@NChrisStokes) and Winston Watt (@WWatt4) to talk all-things Jamaica Bobsled Team, from history to present day competitions. The chat will last for one hour, and will offer fans an opportunity to connect with Chris and Winston directly while they’re in Sochi.

Join the conversation with #JamaicaBobsled on Twitter or

Experiencing my first Pinterest Party – “new” social trend

Yesterday, I participated in my first “Pinterest Party” which is somewhat similar to Twitter and Facebook chats or “parties” except you’re repinning and commenting instead of interacting with others.

Here’s the invite from Cost Plus World Market:

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 11.20.21 AM


Here’s the website where you can see more info:

How you participated:

  • Follow all three hosts on Pinterest @WorldMarket @CentsationalGrl @JustinaBlakeney
  • Watch all three hosts pin their favorite World Market products, DIY Projects, design tips and #WorldMarketMakeover reveals
  • Repin your favorite ideas, add comments and look for the #WorldMarketMakeover prize pins for a chance to win one of (5) $100 World Market gift cards
  • Prize pins will be pinned during the Pinterest Party. Click on the prize pin and you will be taken to a landing page to enter for a chance to win


What I liked:

  • You could follow all the pins on their one collaboration board made just for the Pinterest Party
  • It was cool to see a visual social “party” rather than just words
  • I got some really cool ideas and learned what Cost Plus World Market was (I had never heard of it)
  • I learned that there are Pinterest parties
  • Cool prizes and nice Tumblr landing page for cross-channel messaging
  • I can see how this engineered a lot of followers, repins and possibly some sales for this very specific audience that fits this brand

What I didn’t like:

  • Constantly refreshing to see the new pins
  • The comments weren’t engaging for the actual participants
  • One hour is a really long time to keep refreshing just to repin some images
  • There really wasn’t a need to follow all three people since the images went to the same board
  • There wasn’t any real interaction with the hosts besides just reading their thoughts on the products/images


  • I’m not sure if I want to do any more Pinterest parties, but I can see how they make sense for some brands for their audience for this platform


What do you think about Pinterest parties?