Blogs I’m Reading

The good ones:

Progressions from @PRSSANational at

PRSA blogs/reads: PRsayPRSA ComPRehension and PRSA Tactics

Amy Bishop’s blog by @AmyL_Bishop at

Communications Conversations by @ArikHanson at

Social Business Blog by @Britopian at

CMSWire’s blog at

Edelman Digital at

PR New Pros from @PRSANewPros at

Brian Solis’s blog by @BrianSolis at

Geoff Livingston at

Ron Culp’s Guiding the Career in Public Relations by @culpwrit at

Convince and Convert by @JayBaer at

PR 2.0 Strategies by @dbreakenridge at

The Digital Bus at

One Guy’s Journey by @JasMollica at

Engage by @TMGMedia at


PR, marketing, tech and social media websites & news to follow:


PR Daily

Social Fresh


PR Breakfast Club

PR News

PR Squared


Digital Trends


2 thoughts on “Blogs I’m Reading

  1. This is a great list of blogs! I also follow you on Twitter and love the content you post. Do you have a reader that you like and use to keep up with these blogs? Feedly? Bloglovin’? Thanks for the time!

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