Finding purpose in 2017

It's no secret 2016 wasn't a great year. And by wasn't a great year, I mean it has to be in the category of one of the top worst years. 

It's also no secret the election rocked me to the core. Devastation and shock. I still can't believe it and I'm somewhat still in denial. 

Instead of dwelling on all of that sadness an devastation, I've decided to really take action in 2017 and put my time towards things that matter. I'm not setting any New Year's Resolutions, but I am setting two broad goals I want to work toward for the entire year:

1. I will focus on myself and my own happiness

2. I will take every opportunity to give back and make a difference

I already have a few changes in motion and in mind for 2017. A couple of things I will remember and live by in 2017:

- Silence is not an option and neither is apathy. 

- Being present matters and speaking up matters.

- Give to and volunteer for organizations and causes that matter.

- Work to make a difference in my life and in others' lives as much as I can.

Two things I'm excited about at the beginning of 2017 are the Women's March on Washington on January 21 and the 10th Annual Run for Refugees in New Haven.

My own happiness and fulfillment are extremely important to me and spending more time with my family and people that matter to me are important goals to me as well. 

Get more info:

Get more info:

I know everyone may not be able to devote as much time, money or resources... but there are still many ways to make a difference and I encourage every person to think for themselves what they can do to make a change and make a difference in someone's life throughout the year.

Caring matters. Action matters. Helping matters. Every single person can make a difference in their own way. 

Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.
— Hillary Clinton