Corporate vs. Agency Observations After One Week

*Keep in mind this is just from one week of working at PepsiCo and like everything, every agency and corporation are different. Not every experience will be the same.

Image via PepsiCo

Image via PepsiCo

This week was my first week at PepsiCo, and I must say it's been pretty fantastic. I've worked at four different agencies from internships to full-time jobs and, I must say, there is a stark difference between working at an agency vs. corporation.

I'm very thankful for my agency experience and what I learned from my time at the various agencies in which I worked. I gained invaluable experience from my agency time and got to work on so many great projects for a wide array of clients like 3M, Verizon,, Hyundai, Dos Equis, Avion Tequila, Altos Tequila, Desperados and more. That experience is very relevant and helpful to my job today in a corporation. The people I've met here at PepsiCo value that experience and know I will do a good job here because of where I've worked. I've really appreciated that a lot. 

From my own perspective from the agency side, everything was very fast-paced and there were always multiple projects for multiple clients at a time. Everything is to-do ASAP and the hours were long. There were a couple of unspoken rules that you needed to come early and/or stay late and "pay your dues." I had anxiety if I was away from my phone because, another unsaid rule, I felt I had to be reachable at any time and always checking emails to see what was going on or if I needed to do extra work on the weekends, over holidays or while on vacation. 

It's been a great first week here at PepsiCo! Everyone is extremely friendly, welcoming and (overall) more relaxed and calm. There isn't that driving sense of super urgency (yet), and I really appreciate that right now. I know the crises and hard deadlines will come, but there is a different feeling to it. Right off the bat, I was told how important work/life balance is and I've seen that belief in practice with everyone already. People have also taken the time to have coffee meetings with me, lunch meetings and general welcome meetings with me. It's been great to meet so many people and learn from them!

Other general things I love about PepsiCo already:

  • Sense of pride in the company and all the brands
  • The comradery amongst coworkers and how nice and helpful everyone is
  • Company events (Mountain Dew event next week!) and the baby shower yesterday for 5 people!
  • Learning so much about PepsiCo and all the brands
  • Work / life balance is a high priority: work from 9 to 5 every day. Summer hours = half day Fridays every week!
  • Cafeteria has great food and is very reasonable priced
  • Free Starbucks coffee all day (a real dream come true)
  • Free fountain sodas all day (I have to be careful about this)
  • PepsiCo store
  • Gym downstairs + the classes they offer
  • Health and wellness center with a staffed nurse

I've been trying to find my place and where I fit for a little while now, and I finally think I've found it. I genuinely love this atmosphere and the ways of working within PepsiCo. Can't wait to move to the beautiful global HQ next month when it reopens after the complete overhaul!