Why Ben and Jerry's Is My New Favorite Brand

I'm adding a very important brand to my list of favorite brands: Ben & Jerry's

And it's not because they're a stereotypical great go-to for breakups or even that they have the best tasting ice cream. It's because their stances on the most important issues of our culture today and the fact they take a stand on those issues. They also have facts, reasons they support or are against a certain issue and ways to take action.

I personally love that brands are getting more political and I think Ben and Jerry's makes a great example and case study of the proper way to do this.

1. They're pro-equal marriage and make this very clear.

I love that they don't only show their support, but they explain the case, what's at stake and what the possible outcomes may be on their website. They are educating consumers on equal marriage and the actual Supreme Court case instead of making a blanket statement.


2. They believe in climate change and have a full post on their website on their climate position from CEO Jostein Solheim. 

"Ben & Jerry’s has been a business with social mission since day one, advocating for a spectrum of causes, from marriage equality to GMO labeling. As a company, we took a long hard look at these numbers and realized that if we don’t act on climate change right now, there’s not going to be a future for any of the issues we’re involved in."

3. They're not afraid to tackle the issue that companies should disclose their political spending. Even calling out the President! 

Corporate spending in politics is out of control.

4. They're not afraid to talk about marijuana and 4/20. They even released the Brrr-ito ice cream burrito on 4/20! Many brands are afraid to go to this level to even acknowledge this day or marijuana in general. They're even down with creating a cannabis-infused ice cream.

Their tweets on 4/20 were pretty awesome.

5. Their values, which are really the most important.

Every company should have this page on their website: http://www.benjerry.com/values

Transparency is important for everyone and, I personally believe, consumers like seeing this kind of information and clear statements and positioning.

Courtesy of: http://www.benjerry.com/values

Courtesy of: http://www.benjerry.com/values


So those are my five reasons Ben and Jerry's is one of my new favorite brands. There are countless more reasons, but those are my top ones.

Now, do I have any data that shows their political involvement has increased sales? No, I do not. I would really be interested in seeing if they have any data that shows their stances and beliefs correlate to sales and advocacy. Who knows, maybe they will release that data or make a case themselves later?


What do you think about brands being involved in political issues?