Three words for 2015

STARTI don't really make new year's resolutions anymore as I want and need to stay focused on the big picture this year. Many things will change and happen throughout this year, and I feel more ready than ever to take them on. Thank you to Jessica Lawlor for inspiring me to do this last year and this year. For 2014 my words were: simplify, intention and calm. I even made a Pinterest board around these words.

Words I would like to focus on this year and guide me through 2015:

1. Fearless. I know I need and want a few big changes to come this year, I just have to allow myself to let go of my fears and doubts and go after what I want. Sometimes I am afraid of change and taking risks as they haven't always panned out in the past, but I don't want those reminders to hinder me from taking other risks and really going after what I want to do. I want to believe in myself more and erase doubts. This plays into my next word.

2. Strength. I want to focus on this word in two ways: metal strength and physical strength. If you've read any of my past posts, you may know that I struggle with anxiety and occasional depression. What depression means for me is sometimes I fully doubt everything about myself, I lose motivation and I seclude myself. I've always been a very anxious person, but, thanks to my new therapist and psychiatrist I met last year, things are starting to get much better. I also want to focus on physical strength. What this means for me is losing body fat and gaining more muscle. I want to tone up, decrease my cholesterol and eat more healthy, focused foods.

3. Efficient. Similar to my word intention last year, I chose the word efficient for 2015 because I want to spend and save my time and money efficiently. Intention is one of my favorite words and I live by it daily, but I wanted to add efficient this year to go hand-in-hand with being intentional. Shopping is one of my favorite things to do, but I need to save more this year and not spend so much on trivial things and things I don't really need. I also need to spend my time more efficiently. I want to focus my time on things and people that really matter instead of wasting time on things and projects I don't feel fully connected to. In sum: I want to spend time and money on people, friends, causes and jobs I truly value.

So cheers to 2015, I know with a clear and focused outlook on this year that it will be better than 2014. Thank you to everyone who empowers me, strengthens me and keeps me focused!