Low phone battery? Starbucks to the rescue with wireless chargers in stores!

As soon as my phone hits 49% battery, I start to feel a little uneasy. Then it slowly gets worse and you see the 20% low battery alert, THEN the even more alarming 10% battery alert. It's not even a surprise to me that Starbucks is coming to the rescue.


Starting this week, Starbucks will begin to equip all stores with Duracell Powermat wireless chargers across the U.S. This is a win-win in three different ways:

  1. Starbucks becomes the automatic go-to spot for anyone whose phone is dying
  2. Millions of Starbucks customers will be exposed to Duracell Powermat wireless chargers
  3. Users don't have to let their phones die (and added bonus of free wi-fi)

The 'Powermat Spots' will be areas on tables and counters that charge compatible phones and tablets without wires.

"We had this vision… do with Starbucks what they did with Wi-Fi," said Powermat CEO Ran Poliakine.

It's an all-out war on wires around here.

"Just like Wi-Fi is expected to be available… cords should be eliminated." - Poliakine

There is a catch though: you won't see it in your local Starbucks until next year (most likely). The rollout is starting out in Silicon Valley and is expected in other major markets in 2015. Their ultimate plan is to have every Starbucks store equipped with wireless charging.


More information via Entrepreneur.