Roundup of Brands Attempting Real-Time Marketing for #Oscars2013

Image via Oscar Mayer. Ever since Oreo gained major exposure and saw a skyrocketing success of engagement on their social platforms from their real-time marketing efforts during the Super Bowl and other events, we have seen a few other brands trying to replicate this success. Is it a trend to watch for 2013?

The argument is how will brands make this relevant to their current brand audience though? Some of the RTM we saw seemed forced or way too planned. What made Oreo so successful was that it was so spontaneous. Lora Schaeffer said, "Real-time marketing only works when you can connect your brand to the story of the moment." Arik Hanson also commented that "Not everyone can be, or should be ,Oreo."

Real-time marketing is just that... real-time. Not planned.


These are the brands that did some RTM tonight via Twitter:

Oreo - one and two

Sharpie - one, two, three and four

Oscar Mayer 


U.S. Cellular - onetwo, three and four

Snapple - one and two

Life is Good


JC Penney - one, two, three and four

Special K - one, two, three and four (plus they had more)

Stella Artois - one, two and three (and many more)


Visa - one, two and three

American Express - one, two and three


Others: Dyson, Twix, Heinz, Sysomos, New York Life, Lean Cuisine (and many more)


On the subject, Rob Garner, independent consultant, said "There are two kinds of RTM and RTCM: " Planned" real-time, and "serendipitous" real-time. Everyone seems hyperfocused on the second."

Alex Tran, of Golin Harris, chimed in and said, "the three pillars are: planned relevance, opportunistic curation, reactionary engagement/content creation." Daniel Rodrigo also pointed out, "Natural (Oreo-Superbowl) vs Artificial (all of you, brands, today)."


Did any brands in particular stand out to you tonight? What did you think of the RTM attempts?


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