Valentine's Day Breakup Marketing Ploy Badly Received

Having lived in Atlanta for a while, one of my favorite places to visit at least three times a week was Atlantic Station. It is a shopping location in Midtown ATL where there are a lot of shopping and eating places. One of the best things about the Atlantic Station brand is their social and marketing team. They do a great job responding to almost every single thing, promoting and designing. Though there are many brands and shops at Atlantic Station, Atlantic Station is a brand themselves and a widely known one at that.


One thing I am not impressed with, as well as many of the other commenters, was this post from Atlantic Station today:

Atlantic Station


While Lauren says in a comment her boyfriend doesn't have Facebook, I am sure most of his friends do. Not the best message to broadcast to over 30,000 fans.

I know this is a marketing/advertising ploy, but I do not think it is wise to mix personal and professional on a brand page. I would have seriously questioned putting this post up at all. Personally, I do not think this was wise of the brand to put up.

From a marketing assistant, I am surprised she made the choice to broadcast her plans on a professional brand page.

The post then links to a Twitter contest. Obviously a ploy to get hits and exposure, but the fans did not like it. One commenter said, "Not sure what's more tasteless - breaking up with someone on Valentine's Day or asking the world about it on FB first!"

There are definitely some things you should take OFFline... and this is one of them.


What do you think of this move from Atlantic Station?