Three Teas to Help Improve Work Performance, Stress Levels and Health

I know this is a different kind of blog post for my blog, but I'm a big advocate of hot teas and coffee. Recently, my friend Scott Wesley (Red Square Agency and

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PRSA New Pros committee member) posted some interesting tea facts on Instagram and after doing a little research myself, I decided to help share these tips.

Tea also has A LOT of natural caffeine and could be better for us to drink than the loads of coffee I know we're all consuming. I know on some days in the office I could use anything to help reduce stress and help improve focus.


According to a few studies, these three teas will help:

1. Black tea

2. Peppermint or any mint tea

3. Green tea


Black tea:

In a study from University College in London, people who drink black tea have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The people drinking black tea were also more relaxed and able to complete more difficult tasks. This would be a good tea for early morning production and can be great for other times of the day too.

Peppermint or mint tea:

In a study from Wheeling Jesuit University, this tea has upped office worker's performance by enhancing cognitive performance. Just the aroma of mint or a mint tea stimulates the brain's arousal system and helps focus and will help you to pay more attention to detail.

Green tea:

According to Penn State University, and several other studies, green tea helps block fat absorption and improves overall health and energy. I know I worry about weight, what I'm eating and my lack of exercise while I'm sitting around a desk all day and green tea can really help with that.


I buy most of my teas from Teavana and Target in loose leaf and tea bag form. At Teavana, moroccan mint and white ayurvedic chai are my favorites! There are also really great tea shops in almost every city too. Shop around.


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