Friday Tip: Google Yourself... NOW

In the spirit of the new year, you may want to take a few minutes to go Google yourself. At the beginning of every new year, we all take a few moments to swear we're going to change and be different. We're going to move on and start fresh.

Well you might want to take a few minutes to Google yourself to see what's out there before you start moving on. You never know what could still be out there that you have said, done, published, etc.

For instance, last year I found a blog I had started in middle school! I immediately went to some good lengths to delete it. Would it have been associated with me? Probably not, but I definitely did not want my middle school thoughts on the web.

It is definitely worth it to see what pictures you are linked to as well. It is also worth it just to see what exists on you. I did not know people could actually find my address from an old resume I had posted. I took that down as well.

Start off the new year by cleaning up a few loose ends you may not have even known existed.

Just a Friday Tip for you :]