5 Tools You Need for Your PR Emergency Kit

Hat tip to my Jarrett for coming up with the idea for this post!  

In everyday life there are many situations we come across. Whether we're in line at the post office, flagging a cab in the city, waiting for a subway or walking around a conference, there's a chance you may stumble across something or someone who may want more information about you and you need to be prepared.

Things you'll need:

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Biz Cards

Have at least twenty on you at all times. You never know who will be asking for your information or to whom you may want to offer your information. You can run into anyone at any time. It may sound like I'm stretching it, but I'm one of those people who met a PR executive in an elevator once and they asked for my information. We're still in touch!

Elevator Speech

To my point above, to get to the business card transaction you need to talk yourself up first. This is a quick, concise summation of you, your experience and what you want. Why is it called an elevator speech? Because it should not last longer than an average elevator ride. You need to be able to quickly put into words what makes you different. It's a mini resume and you need to be able to slightly tailor it for each situation.

Cellphone Silence

If/when you enter in conversation with someone, take a moment to silence your cellphone (or at least put it on vibrate). When you are talking to someone, it is rude to check your cellphone or be on it at all. Leave it alone for a few moments and give the other person your full attention.

Clean Social Media

You have made a good first impression, you hand over your business card and even follow-up with the person you met. What would happen if that person checked your social media channels only to find very disappointing content? End of connection. Clean it up and keep it that way.

An Open Mind

I know that sometimes we can have our eyes so set on one goal or one job so much so that we miss something right in front of us. If someone talks to you about a position, do not just immediately turn it down because you do not know about that industry or just because it is something you have never done before. Keep your mind open and take time to learn more.