Stripping for Advertising - it really catches your eye

Well some of you are probably thinking, what in the world when you see that kind of title. This is exactly the kind of double take I did when I saw this sign driving from NC back to Atlanta this weekend. Take a look:

What would you think if you were driving down the highway and saw this? It really caught my eye and definitely made me do a very quick double take because I did not know what I was actually seeing.

It could be a very effective form of advertising and they were very creative with their interpretation of "stripping."

The place was not open on Memorial Day as I was headed back to Atlanta, but I really did want to stop and ask them about the feedback/sales they had gotten from this strategically placed sign on a busy highway.

Three things this form of advertising does:

  • It catches your eye
  • Makes you want to tell people about it - word of mouth
  • Makes the ad memorable

Is it effective though? Does a sign like this really make people remember your brand? Is this what you want to be known for?

Sex will continue to sell and it is definitely something to take caution in when/if your company or brand decides to go that route. Make it count and at least make it relatable and relevant!

Sometimes I really don't think sex is an effective form of advertising, probably the least effective in perfume, food and other ads you see that make you wonder why on earth is a person in this and why does this ad need someone who is not in a lot of clothing?

Other examples:

The famous Dolce & Gabbana ads [inappropriate]

What do you think? Sex in ads work?