Yes I Deactivated My Facebook Account

Yes, I did the "unthinkable" and deactivated my Facebook account over two weeks ago. I know two weeks isn't a long time, but you try doing it and see what you think. It's been a great experience overall and I really enjoy things without a Facebook account, but there are a few things I do miss.  

Complete honesty in why I deactivated my account:

First, I really got tired of the "necessity" of having a Facebook account. I think it's gotten a little out of control of how many sites make you sign up for an account with Facebook. I think it's also a little ridiculous that people, and I used to be one of them, rely on Facebook so much. Facebook is a monopoly.

Facebook is SO integrated into our every day life and I do think that is a problem. We are programmed to it now. I'm willing to bet that Facebook is 1/3 first sites people visit, if not the first, when they pull up the internet every day.

Second, Facebook is filled with all kinds of drama, complaints and things I don't really want to see or be a part of. I know you can control your friends and all of that, but I honestly got a little annoyed with the whole site.

Things have been MUCH better without a Facebook account. Not being on FB has really forced people to have actual interactions with me instead of just commenting and writing to me on Facebook. People have actual conversations with me and actually text me instead of just talking to me online all the time.

I've also been a lot more productive without Facebook. I don't spend a lot of time just browsing around and wasting time. I'm actually working AND getting stuff done,  spending more time WITH people instead of just in front of a computer and I just seem to have a lot more free time. I never calculated how much time I spent on FB, but it must have been a lot of time.



There are a few things I miss:

Photos and easily communicating with people.

I absolutely love photos as they document my life and what I'm doing. I do miss seeing photos of my friends and I at events and such. They can easily send them to me, tweet them or put them on Instagram though. It's not that bad.

Since FB is so intertwined with our lives, I do miss the ease of communication with people while learning about how they are doing.  Some people still say to me, "Did you see ______ on FB?" I keep reminding people I don't have one! People's reactions to me deactivating my account have been pretty funny though. This being said, I do like the forced communication now I have with people.

Since I do work in social media for a few different companies, I do have a WCU work account we use for our eMarketing team and I update various pages that way, but I get on, update and leave. I don't stay to browse around at all.

I do think most companies and brands should have a presence on Facebook and I do think it is important for people to understand how Facebook works and how Facebook pages for brands operate.


Overall, I really enjoy NOT having an account for now! It is very nice. While I won't be returning any time soon, I will probably reactivate one day. We'll see! I definitely encourage everyone to try this for a while.


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