You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take

I recently heard this phrase and it really struck me. I say it again, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."


Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not good at basketball and, most of the time, I'm not really a risk taker. I like to usually play things safe and stay in my "comfortable zone." Lately, that has definitely changed. I can no longer just be content with things and just stay comfortable.

Making the decision to run for PRSSA National President was an interesting one. I knew I loved the Society and I knew I was very dedicated, but I had to decide if I wanted to dedicate two more years to PRSSA and if I wanted to prolong my education. I also knew I really wanted to do it, so I decided the rewards outweighed the risks and I took the chance! Very honored to be serving in this position beginning June 1.

Relationships are always a huge risk. Having a difficult experience can really ruin future things for you if you let it. Ending a relationship is even harder, but when you know it's the right thing, then you have to do it. As it turned out, ending it was beneficial and led me to an amazing person who turned out to be right in front of me the whole time. It's amazing what/who you can really see when you just open your eyes!

Applying for internships... oh what a story! Everyone has one of these stories where they have issues applying for internships and jobs. Just like everyone else, I'm not that fond of rejection. For this summer, I applied to very few internships and really targeted myself to ones that I actually wanted, not just ones I kind of wanted and didn't know that much about. I took risks in applying, asking for Skype interviews and sending follow-up notes. In the end, I have a wonderful PR and marketing internship lined up for the summer with Trevelino Keller in Atlanta!!! I couldn't be more happy!!



These are just some success stories of mine and they come with A LOT of failures. We all fail and we all make mistakes.

Of everything I've learned this past year, the experiences and people you have make you and your mistakes will not break you. 

This post is just a reminder to you that sometimes the risks will outweigh the benefits, but you really should go after what you want AND what you deserve too. If you're in a bad situation, don't be afraid to leave it and do better things for yourself. The good times AND the bad times don't last, but you deserve the best for you. Don't hold on to bad situations, bad relationships, bad experiences, bad friendships. Let that stuff go and move on.


Take the chance!! You will never know what you might miss if you don't.