Pieces of Advice from #RWPRSA

Yesterday, I went to the Real World PRSA Conference in Atlanta, GA. This is an annual conference by PRSA of Georgia. It was such a great conference and I learned a lot in just one day!! Definitely a MUST go-to conference. Of course, it is always SO great to see friends and fellow PRSSA members as well. Below, I have categorized some of the top tips from the conference:

Top quotes and tips from the conference:



"What makes you stand out? Know this when you're networking!" - Stephen Brown, Cohn & Wolfe

"The key to networking is listening to others. It's not really about you."

"Look for different types of people to be in the inventory of your network."

"Never start a networking conversation by asking for something."

Listen 80% and talk 20%... Rule of thumb to go by.


Social media:

Make sure to scrub up your social media profiles! Professionals are looking.

In social media, engagement is the heart of the matter. Know where your consumers are and go there.

"It's not all about numbers. Relationships = loyalty." - Morgan Griffith

10% of the adult US population is on Twitter - remember that filter when you are listening/using Twitter data.



Love to write, love the keyboard and love the monitor when you first enter PR.

Be willing to read, ask questions and learn.

"Be patient, be humble, have a raise your hand mentality." - Glen Jackson, Jackson Spalding

Social media is very important. Porter Novelli doesn't hire without social media experience.



Tailor your resume and make it relevant. Do not send a generic resume and ALWAYS be honest.

Have a relevant work experience section then another other work experience section.



Send thank you emails and personalized handwritten notes.

Reading up on current events and your desired industry will help tremendously in interviews.

One of the first interview questions you could be asked is what do you *know* about the company... Research and prepare!!


Agency vs. Corporate:

PR professionals own the reputation in corporate. Marketing owns the brand.

In agency, you will work a few clients. In corporate, you become the expert on one subject matter.

You have less time to be creative in corporate. More long-term strategy.

Small agency's are a great place to start. Gain more responsibility.


General Public Relations:

PR is not disconnected from business, so be knowledgable about business and be able to interpret accounting reports.

"PR is a tough, 24/7, very strategic business." - Kent Landers

Research salary averages. PRSA and salary.com are good research resources.


Attitude and energy:

"Demonstrate you love what you do!" - Mickey Nall, Oglivy PR

"Know that you should learn from everything you do."  - Gina Laughlin