2012 - The Year of Photo Sharing

I've said it online, in class and when talking to various people. I really think 2012 is the year of photo sharing. I think people are tired of the regular status updates, reading long posts and more. People are really into photo sharing through sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, two of the fastest growing social networking and blogging sites out there right now.


Where's the proof?

Pinterest HUGE growth chart in just ONE year:


If you haven't heard of Pinterest lately, I'm not sure where you've been. Almost every single female I know is on Pinterest and I've seen a lot more males joining lately. Most of my friends are saying they are spending more time on Pinterest lately than Facebook.

I personally agree - I think it's a lot more fun to see all the photos, videos, outfits, recipes and SO much more on Pinterest than all the drama, negativity and regular stuff on Facebook every single day.

With these 11 million traffic hits - That's a 4,000 percent increase and lands Pinterest as the No. 10 social site among the 6,581 properties that Hitwise tracks [via All Things D].


What about Tumblr?

Yes, you're seeing that. Tumblr has over 20 MILLION total blogs. 4-year-old microblogging platform Tumblr now hosts more blogs than 8-year-old WordPress.com [via Mashable].

What's in your Tumblr feed? Pictures and videos. That is majority of posts on Tumblr. They also announced that it reached 10 billion posts since its inception [via CNET]. That is a WHOLE lot of sharing!

My prediction this year is that more brands and companies will start to use Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter to post more photos and videos. People just like pictures and brands will figure that out. There's already over 60 brands using Tumblr [via Social Fresh] and hundreds of businesses jumping on Pinterest [list of top ones from Mashable].


What do you think? Do you think we will continue to see more from Pinterest and Tumblr?