Everything leaves a mark...


I came across this image on Pinterest today. If you saw my post on My Stand Against Cyberbullying yesterday, you will probably understand where this post is coming from.

Everything we say and do leaves a mark. Whether it's emotional, physical, etc., everything leaves a mark!

I want more people to understand this. Whether you think you are doing good or not, what you do and what you say can have a serious effect on others. Before you post something, before you say something, before you send something... make sure you realize and know the full impact of what you are about to do.

Anyone can see anything you are about to do or what you have done . It can be left online or saved online forever.

Before you attempt to explain something, before you attempt to make something better or before you take something on - really think about what you are doing.

What you do affects people's' lives. Take the higher road.

You are leaving a mark and a trail. It's very easy to find something today. You could be damaging your social media footprint or your online presence.

#StandAgainstCyberbullying  - #TakeAction


Another great image: