Sites and Brands Participating in #SOPA Strike

These are known brands and companies who will be participating in the SOPA blackout strike. The ones with links actually link to the announcement from the site as to why they are doing the blackout to strike against SOPA.

Wikipedia [announcement]


WordPress [announcement]

Reddit [announcement]

i can haz cheeseburger [Twitter announcement]

Red 5 Studios

Center for Technology and Democracy



Universal Subtitles


Rage Maker



Electronic Frontier Foundation

and thousands more! Over 8,000+ websites have confirmed their SOPA blackout.


How you can get involved:

Take action

Educate yourself on what SOPA is through various articles and research. CNN, Wikipedia, Gizmodo, Politico and more sites have explanations and more.

Tweet with #SOPA and #SOPASTRIKE

Sign the petition