Reflecting on 2011 with #PRSSA, #SocialFresh, Losses, Social Media and More

  2011 was such an interesting year. I don't quite have a word for it [yet]. Let's take this year month by month for a breakdown:



I started my internship with Social Fresh this past January and it has definitely been a learning and teaching experience for me. I have learned SO much about blogger relations, social media management, analytics, conference creation and more from Social Fresh.


I attended my first Social Fresh conference in Tampa, FL [my first time there] and learned a lot from some great social media professionals! I also attended one of the PRSSA Regional Activities [now Regional Conferences] at East Carolina University! Both were great conferences to learn from students and professionals alike.


March was definitely one of the hardest and one of the best months for me, ever. I lost one of the most important people in my life and gained one of my most important titles/positions I have ever had.

First, on March 14, I lost my uncle, Glen Dyess. After my dad died in 2003, my uncle really stepped up to help my family, especially my brother and I, through everything. He had always supported us and loved us more than anything ever since we were born, and he continued that up until his death. He was definitely a father figure to me after my own father died and it still hurts me to this day that both of them are gone.

After that, I attended PRSSA National Assembly in Seattle, WA [my first time there too]. I was running for the position of Vice President of Public Relations for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I've always been very passionate about PRSSA and was Chapter President of my Chapter for about 2 years where I revitalized my Chapter. Seattle was an incredible experience and I was elected to the position to serve with nine incredible other members of the National Committee. It is such an honor to be in this position serving this incredible Society!

April & May

I finished out my blog series on job hunting through social media, wrote quite a few more blog posts and finished out the year with a 3.83 GPA and finished on the Dean's List for my university.


In June, I officially began my term as PRSSA National Vice President of Public Relations and attended the PRSSA Leadership Rally in Scottsdale, AZ [first time there too!] where the National Committee met up to make plans for the year and where Chapter Presidents and other Chapter leaders gathered to prepare their Chapters for the upcoming year.


Started my position as Marketing Coordinator for the Smoky Mountain Country Club where I learned not everything is what you think it will be and if you are unhappy in a situation, it's best to leave and do what is best for yourself.

August & September

Headed back to WCU to start classes for my fifth year at WCU!


Attended the amazing PRSSA 2011 National Conference in Orlando, FL where I had a great time with PRSSA members and the National Committee members from across the country. I was also named the #1 top person on “Future of PR” list.

November & December

The last two months of the year, I did a lot of reflecting and decision-making. I decided to move forward with a few things and leave a few things behind. Although I love all of my positions and what I do everyday, I decided to do what is best for me and move onto other things. I also ended a friendship that had been diminishing for a while. Sometimes you really have to do things you never thought you could, but must do anyways.


Best of 2011:

PRSSA of course! I really do just love PRSSA. I've had so many incredible opportunities from this Society and I've learned SO much from the members, from the professional staff and from my fellow National Committee members. I couldn't imagine a better experience.


Worst of 2011:

Losing my uncle, losing a friend and my iPad getting stolen. It was weird how the best and one of the worst happened in the same month and then I lost a friend and my iPad was stolen in the same month too! When it rains, it pours sometimes I guess.

  What a roller coaster!!

I'm very much looking forward to 2012 and all it has to offer! I'm excited for changes and moving forward :]