Best Quotes and Tips from #PRSSA National Conference

This is a collection of my favorite quotes, tips and tweets from National Conference! It's a long post, but there are some AWESOME quotes here. As always, please reference the PRSSA website and the PRSSA Blog for more posts on National Conference and sessions as well! Overall, I had an awesome time and learned SO much from these sessions AND from Chapter members who came up to talk to us! It's truly an honor to serve this incredible Society on the National Committee. Please let us know if there is anything you need! Reach out to any of us at anytime!

Kent State - Chapter Development Session:

- It's all about relationship building with fundraising.

- Focus on larger fundraisers, not all of the smaller ones.

- Use a strategic approach with planning, implementation and evaluation when planning a fundraiser. 

- Fundraisers are a great way to get members involved besides just e-board and to get event planning experience.

- "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford


Grand Valley State University, @GV_PRSSA, - Chapter Development Session

- Start in the agency world and then transfer to the corporate world of PR.

- Never underestimate the value in a hand written note!

- Prepare members for agency visits: Notify well in advance.

- Agency visits builds your PRSSA Chapter's credibility, gives an inside look at PR and helps to establish relationships with professionals

- Employers WILL research you before you are considered for an interview. Create your own online presence!


Other tips from Chapter Development sessions:

- No matter the size of your city or size of your chapter, you need to get out there and network!

- No more mass emails, engage younger members and form bonds outside of Chapter meetings.

- Feedback from members is VERY important. Goes into research and analytics for things to come!

- Social Media is a huge part of our generation. It links you with professionals AND peers!


Craig Dezern, VP of Global PR for Disney Destinations - Keynote session

- Get curious about the world, evolve in today's media environment.

- If you go in trying to impress with credentials, you aren't going to learn.

- Any international experience is better than no international experience.

- Do your research about the country you are heading to AND have a valid passport.

- How do you deliver a message globally? One market at a time.



Jenn Ecclestone - Chapter Presidents Lunch

- In PR, we do not have a 9-5 job and people don't understand we are glued to our phones in case of crisis.


Sports PR session:

- The only thing you need to know: work an internship.

- Showing initiative is what sets you apart. Make personal connections & step away from the phone.

- Look at the actual position description and make sure your resume reflects what they're looking for.

- You will be defined by your weakest moment. - Joel Glass, VP of Communication for the Orlando Magic


Robert Levick - Crisis Communication session:

- People will forgive misactions, but they will never forgive no action at all.

- Fun leads to joy and joy leads to making a connection with people.

- With 140 characters, you can help someone, hurt someone or be misunderstood.


Geno Church [@genochurch] - Social Media Session:

- Social media serves a higher purpose: getting people to talk.

- We are the stories we tell.

- Just because we love social media doesn't mean that's the first thing we turn to solve client problems.

- 90% of convo that leads to a purchase happens OFFLINE.

- The future of your company shouldn't be technology, but people.

- Movements are rooted in passion.


Other memorable session quotes:

- "If you ever have any enemy in a fight, don't discount them. Learn from them." - Erin Hart

- "PRSSA is not a club, it is a pre-professional organization." - Sonja Popp-Stahly

- "Fun leads to joy and joy leads to making a connection with people."

- "Treat people well. Always respect people today because you don't know where they'll be tomorrow." - Margaux Caniato

- "Social Media: Change the way we engage our viewers, talent, and publicity."


Rick Leventhal, Senior Correspondent for Fox News - Keynote session:

- Make relationships with the people you are pitching.

- BP had their PR pro get in touch with reporters daily because they wanted to make it right.

- Know your reporter, their agenda, the tone of their newscast and what they're looking for.

- Personalized emails and pitches are the best way to go.

- Email large photo attachments with high-resolution, not small pixellated photos.

- PR people can make a story come to life.

Chris Brogan - PRSA General Session:

RT @chrisbrogan: My #prsaIcon slides are here: - #prssanc take note!

- If you're using Klout to measure yourself in social media, stop it!

- #PRSA should be the "passionate relationship-minded storyteller association.

- PR people are passionate storytellers.

- If you aren't on social media, and you're at this conference you really can't afford to be because you're unemployed.

- Record more videos. Google is #1 search engine and YouTube is the #2.

- Make loyalty programs better. Have media training for everyone. We are all on media all the time.

- If the Air Force can have their social media guidelines on one page and you can't, you're doing something wrong.

- Improve blogger relations. So important.